Lucky Duck

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

So it's Monday again, how does that happen so freakin fast!? Weekend was good. Went to bed way early on Friday night after staying up so late Thursday night. Saturday helped my Mom move furniture half the day. My Mom told me that I reminded her of my Daddy on Saturday and I asked her how and she said the more stressed she got with all the furniture moving the more calm I got, just the way he was, that made me smile.

Saturday night was the costume party. I went as a witch, Holly went as George W., Bitch#1 went as a brick house and Awesome Guy went as a brick layer. Their costumes were really cute. The party was ok, no hot boys though. Most disturbing sight: the 8 month prego pumpkin with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. No I'm not kidding.

Sunday was a fun day. I spent a lot of time with my sister-in-law, niece, and nephew. I took Gracey to the fall festival at church. She is SO CUTE. Yes of course I'm biased. She's 2 1/2 years old and she just amazes me with the stuff she says sometimes. When we pulled up she saw all the activity in the parking lot and when I opened the back door to get her out of her car seat she said "I am SO excited!" and then when examining my aunts pumpkin earrings she said "Ohhhhh how pretty!". Her other latest cutest thing is if her Daddy has to get on to her for something she immediately pokes out her bottom lip and crosses her arms (somehow she got the pouting/drama queen gene from me) and says "Daddy, I'm upset". I mean how cute is that!? And baby Braden is growing like a weed, he has the cutest little Buddha belly :)

Well that's enough from me. Holly and I are going out for cocktails tonight to celebrate Halloween, as if we needed a reason! So ya'll have fun and watch out for ghosts and goblins!

Friday, October 28, 2005


Well the day of fun for Bitch #2's birthday was so great. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. First we went to the Salvation Army because I thought I would find some great inspiration for a Halloween costume but it didn't happen. So then we went to Big Lot's where I found a black satin witches hat with white feather trim that I HAD to have. So it looks like I'll be a witch, which doesn't vary much from my everyday attitude :) And I got fishnet stocking that I'm so pumped about wearing cause hello, that's hot.

We hung out at Holly's house for a little while but then it was time to begin the adult time but we had the BEST time on the way back to her car. We were both dancing like madwomen in the car with the radio blaring great songs like "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", "You Shook Me All Night Long" and "Like a Virgin". And this was in 5:00 traffic. At one point she had on the Birthday Girl crown and I had on my witches hat while wildly waving our arms. I'd like to think we gave some tired, stressed out people something to laugh at on their long commute home. Or maybe those people we're pissed we were having such a good time. Either way I don't care cause it was a butt load of fun!

We then went to Surin for dinner and drinks at Blue Monkey afterwards. YUMMY! The piano player sang Happy Birthday to her which was cool. Bitch#2 and I both got really drunk and it hit us at the same time so we had to go outside and get some fresh air. Outside I ran into a guy that Bitch#1 used to talk to. He hugged me and then proceeded to get very handsy. He asked about Bitch#1 and I told him that she was in love and would probably marry this guy. And I also told him in my drunken state that the one time they had sex was only because she was still trying to convince herself that she didn't like Awesome Guy, not sure how he felt about that. But in all fairness he never called her after they hooked up so it's not like he can be upset. Anyway he got my phone number and said we should hang out sometime which is weird I think. I'm anxious to see what Bitch #1 has to say about me running into him, I have a feeling she'll just laugh. And I'm sure I'll never hear from him which is fine cause I'd have to have her permission to hang out with him and I'm not sure she'd give that too freely....

Anyway, looking forward to a fun weekend. Just hanging out at home tonight. I think I have to help my Mom move some furniture in the morning, won't that be FUN! And then tomorrow night I'm going to a Halloween party with Bitch #1, Awesome Guy, and Holly. That should be fun. I won't know anyone there which is a little scary but it should be fun to meet some new people. New boys ;) Fresh meat! haha

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Happy Birthday Bitch#2!!

Today is Bitch #2's birthday! And we're going to have SO. MUCH. FUN. We're cutting out of work earlier to have a day of fun before we go do adult things like dinner and martinis. But from 12:30 to at least 5:00 it's total girlie time! I told her she had to get obscenely drunk tonight but she says she can't. Boo hiss--that's no fun! Bitch #2 has turned me on to Mr. Hottie Will Hoge so for her birthday I got her tickets for us to spend a night basking in his hotness when he comes to Workplay in December. I'm so excited! So anyway, Happy Birthday Bitch! Love ya!

Fun With Pumpkins

Sunday night was much fun. I cooked potato soup and we had friends over to my friend Holly's house. I haven't told ya'll about Holly, let me catch you up. Holly is actually my very best guy friend. Obviously Holly isn't his real name but it's what I call him now. He hates it. But the thing is he's gay and he's totally in love with this boy that we all hate. And he likes to cook for the boy so I call him Holly Housewife. I don't know where it came from I just said it one day and it stuck. I spend a lot of time at Holly's house. It is definitely my second home.

So Sunday night we were all hanging out at Holly's going to town carving our pumpkins. Bitch #1 and I were working on a cheap bottle of ghetto wine. My other best friend Bitch #2 was working on a real bottle of wine, meaning it cost more than $5.97 at Wal-Mart and the boys were drinking beer. And here's another point I don't think we've discussed here--my friends are nasty. They have filthy potty mouths. I guess I shouldn't just say my friends, what do they say "birds of a feather, flock together". So somehow we decided that everything we said about the pumpkins sounded sexual. Some of the better ones:

"I don't want to stick my hand in all that goop"
"My hole is too small"
"That's a BIG one"
"Look at all this mess"
"Now my hands are messy"
"It took you a while to clean yours"
"OH it's SO cute!"
"Now I just have a big gaping hole"
"Now she's a gutter whore" I'll end with that because you're probably wondering how gutter whore's came up in the discussion of carving pumpkins. But Holly's pumpkin, Evelyn, had a little trouble standing upright (and she didn't even have any ghetto wine). And when a big gust of wind came up it tumbled her over and she rolled all the way down the street until she landed in the gutter with a busted jaw. That was quite possible the funniest thing I have EVER seen. Good times!

Friday, October 07, 2005

It's Finally Friday!

Everybody together--YAY! It's the day we've worked all week for! No big plans for me for the weekend. Tonight I'm going with Bitch #1 and Awesome Guy to Pig Iron. I wish I could tell you what that is but I honestly don't know. It's some big thing downtown where companies set up tents and cook pigs. I'm not sure if it's like bar-b-que or if there are actually going to be pigs on those stick thingees roasting. I hope it's just bar-b-que, cause EWWW! All I know is I've been promised free beer and food, so I'm there.

The rest of the weekend is up in the air. Maybe some shopping tomorrow with my Mom and I'll probably go out tomorrow night. And Monday is my Grandmother's 83rd birthday, seriously, can you imagine that--83!! But honestly that doesn't seem old at all to me. She doesn't look 83 and she certainly doesn't act 83, I tell her all the time she has a busier social life that I do. I certainly hope I age as gracefully. Anyway so Sunday is a big family reunion/birthday thing. That should be loads of fun! Is my sarcasm coming through clearly? Oh well I only have to see most of these people once a year so I suppose I can handle a couple of hours. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Back to school time!

So it looks like I'm going back to school. Everyone in my life seems to be incredibly excited about this. I, however, am not. Well I shouldn't say I'm not excited. I'm just really anxious. It's been five years since I was in a classroom. I'm SO nervous. People who know me would probably laugh if they read this but I'm a shy person. At least when I first meet people, I tend to be withdrawn and quiet. Now don't get me wrong, after a little while of being around new people I'll probably be the loudest person in the room. I am just terrified that the professor is going to make us go around the room and introduce ourselves. And the thought of speaking out loud in front of a group of people I don't know makes me want to dig a hole and hide! I get SO nervous my voice shakes!

I'll never forget way back in the day when I was still on the road to becoming a kindergarten teacher (scary thought) I had to take a class at UA that if I remember correctly was entitled "Introducing Music in the Classroom". I thought wow that sounds like fun we'll learn all kinds of fun songs like Old MacDonald and stuff. And of course the class was required so I didn't have much of a choice. So on the first day I walk in and notice it's going to be a little different. We didn't have desks to sit at, we had keyboards. So I'm already feeling a little uneasy thinking, hmm not sure this is what I signed up for. Well the uneasiness only intensifies when the teacher tells us that not only will we go around the room and introduce ourselves we will go around the room and SING OUR SCALES! Are you kidding me! My voice shook and warbled, oh ya'll it was horrid! I mean I would think nothing of busting out in song in a classroom full of 6 year olds, but in a room of my peers, umm no thanks! Check please! Needless to say that's one of those classes on my UA transcript that has a big fat W beside it for withdrawn!

But now I'm going to try again. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up but I'm sure any degree I get will require some form of a science class. So I signed up for Human Biology. I REALLY hope that doesn't require cutting anything up! I start next week--wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Murphy is a bitch

Is it Murphy's Law that the guy you want to call you never does but the ones you could go without ever hearing from again won't seem to get the clue? What is that!?

I met this one guy at a bar like 6 months ago. I was extremly intoxicated so I had to sit down and he proceeded to come and sit beside me. He kept talking and talking and talking. And he kept asking for my number so I finally gave it to him so he would shut up. Probably not the wisest decision but I just really needed him to be quiet so the room might stop spinning. And who really expects a guy who gets your number at the bar to actually call? So then he doesn't call. So no harm no foul, right? Oh but no, like six weeks later I get a text saying "What's up? This is Brian" and it was at like midnight so of course I was asleep and I'm thinking who the hell is Brian. So I write back "Brian who?" and he then tells me where we met blah blah blah. And now he won't leave me alone. He keeps texting and asking to see me and I keep brushing him off. I ignore his texts and he'll stop for a while and then a few days later here we go again!

I've always heard people say, and I've tended to agree with them, that girls like to be treated like shit. So is it possible that guys like it too? Do guys like bitches? Do I need to be more bitchy when I meet new guys? I think that was a mistake I made with Friend, I was WAY too avaliable to him. I should've made him chase me. Guys love the chase. So I'm thinking I need to take on a new persona, and have a bitchy, you can't have me BUT you can keep trying air about me. Hmmm, that could be fun!