Lucky Duck

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Not to blow my own horn but toot toot

Guess who made an 'A' in Human Biology!? That's right, ME! It seems like only yesterday that I was writing about dreading the beginning of this class and now it's over. I loved my teacher and truly enjoyed the class. I'm not sure what I'll take next semester, there really isn't anything being offered that I need. But I'm also afraid to stop for fear I might not want to get started again. But for a few days I'm just going to relish my accomplishment.

Friday, December 09, 2005


am. so. I have to stop having such long Thursday nights. I've gotten in a bad habit of starting my weekends on Thursday nights. When I was in college that was fine, but now? Not so much. I'm sitting here like a zombie just waiting for lunch time. Oh well at least it was fun :) Sometimes not getting much sleep isn't such a bad thing. If what you're awake for is fun it's ok. And oh boy was it fun!

I'm having a really hard time getting in the Christmas spirit. It's just escaping me somehow. And that makes me sad. Christmas used to be my most favorite time of the year. I know what will happen, I'll catch the spirit on Christmas Eve and then it'll be over and I'll be depressed cause it's over. We're putting up the Christmas tree tonight so maybe that will help a little bit, I sure hope so! Maybe I should watch a Hallmark movie or those commercials kill everyone else like they do me? I mean how can they fit something into 30 seconds that makes me cry that much? It just doesn't seem possible! Well everybody have a great weekend!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's Official!

I'm in love! With Will Hoge! I got Bitch#2 tickets to see Will whom she already loves at the Workplay Theatre this past Saturday night. She turned me on to his music a couple of months ago and while I've really enjoyed listening to it nothing could prepare me to see him live. It was such an awesome show! It was just so obvious that he, and the whole band, were enjoying themselves. And I can't even begin to scratch the surface of his hotness YUMMY! I can't wait until he comes back to Birmingham because I will definitely be there.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dear Bitch in the black Acura

Is it really THAT hard to throw up a thank you wave when somebody lets you out in traffic!? No? I didn't think so!!