Lucky Duck

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lock Up Your PawPaw

Ok, so apparently Saturday night I had on my old man magnet and the crazy thing is, I didn't even know it! Saturday was Friend's birthday, the big 3-0 so there was much celebrating to be done. We started at a big Mexican bar/grill. I gave him his gift there. Little sidebar: back in August when we went to the beach he and I were in the car together alone and somehow while listening to music we started talking about the "More Cowbell" skit on Saturday Night Live. We joked then about how he wanted to be "that guy" in the band who played the cowbell and how all the girls would come to see the cowbell man. Anyway we joked then that I would get him a cowbell for his birthday. So that I did, I drove to Bessemer to the feed and seed and bought a cowbell. And I'm SO glad I did, the gift went over so well. He thought it was so funny and actually said it was the best and most thoughtful gift he'd ever gotten. That made me really happy :)

Ok back to the original subject of this post....when Holly and I were leaving the restaurant to go to our next destination I noticed there was a man behind of us but thought nothing of it. Until Holly, who had had too much to drink, says "Hey is that Dr. Ted?" Dr. Ted is a older gentlemen who used to do the weather on the weekend on one of the local channels. I think Holly is crazy and tell him to be quiet. So he says LOUDER, "No really, is that Dr. Ted?" So I semi-turn around and the man says "Yes it is, hey guys how are you?" So he then proceeds to shake our hands and be very friendly. So friendly in fact that he ignores Holly and focuses all his attention on me asking what I do when I'm not hanging out at this particular bar, blah blah blah. I suppose I should mention that I had also had a few beers at this point and couldn't really focus. I eventually just said good night and walked away. By the time Holly and I get in the car we can barely contain our laughter as I just start screaming "Dr. Ted TOTALLY just tried to pick me up!" Now in a sober state of mind, I'm wondering, why didn't I let him? I'm kidding of course.

Moving celebrate Friend's birthday, Friend's Dad, Fast Eddie was in town. Now I've heard lots of stories about Fast Eddie and how he swaps out 22 year olds every three months or so and how he's so fast Friend can't keep up with him when they go out. Well I was a little surprised when I met Fast Eddie because he seemed very laid back and mellow to me, not at all what I was expecting. But apparently Fast Eddie just wasn't wound up yet. When we get to the second venue people started dancing. So Fast Eddie decides I need to dance with him and grabs my hand. I tell him I'm not much of a dancer but he insists that we must because this is "his song", it was "Georgia" by Ray Charles and they're from Atlanta so I obliged. Well that was a little awkward but it was ok. The most awkward part came on the way home after we left Bellbottoms. I was in the backseat with Fast Eddie and his friend who came with him who we called Patrick Swayze all night cause he hair was close to being feathered and he had on a V-neck sweater with no shirt underneath TUCKED INTO RUSTLER jeans. I wish I was making this up. Well Fast Eddie proceeds to put his arm around me, which was fine until he started pulling my face to his trying to kiss me! EWWW!! But what's ewwwer about it is the next day when I telling Bitch#1 about it she says "Yeah he told Awesome Guy and Friend he was going to bang you" EWW EWW EWW!

So here is your fair warning, I'm gonna be out on the town again this weekend so you may want to keep your Grandpaws at home!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I heart Gray's Anatomy

Ok how in the hell did I not watch this show last season!? I had no idea what I was missing! But now I am so addicted. I mean I love it like a fat kid loves cake love it. I love little George O'Malley, I want to marry him and have 10 of his babies love him. And poor poor Meredith. I mean that whole "Pick me, choose me, love me" plea she gave Dr. McDreamy just ripped out my heart. What girl has not wanted to say that to somebody!? But she actually did it. And he DIDN'T PICK HER! I could not believe it and what the hell is up with him showing up at Joe's!? Did he want to break her heart in front of all her friends? WTF!

And this last episode with the pole through the people! GAH! I cried from at least 9:30 until it went off at 10:00. I mean I was laying in the bed with huge tears rolling down my face. Yeah like I need a fictional show to make me cry, hello my real life can handle that thank you very much!

On a lighter note of something else I love. Bitch#1, Awesome Guy, Friend, and I went to see the movie "Waiting" a couple of weeks ago and can I just say SO funny! Not to mention the fact that Ryan Reynolds is SO hot! Bitch #1 and I worked in a restaurant for 2 years and I swear those people wrote that movie based on our life at that time. Because the house that all those people go to to party every night was our house. People who work in restaurants live a complete different life from normal people who work 8-5 everyday. You sleep late everyday and party all night. And even though I enjoy what I do now that movie made me miss that life so much. I know I'm older and it's time to be all adult and stuff but damn those were some good times!