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Friday, October 28, 2005


Well the day of fun for Bitch #2's birthday was so great. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. First we went to the Salvation Army because I thought I would find some great inspiration for a Halloween costume but it didn't happen. So then we went to Big Lot's where I found a black satin witches hat with white feather trim that I HAD to have. So it looks like I'll be a witch, which doesn't vary much from my everyday attitude :) And I got fishnet stocking that I'm so pumped about wearing cause hello, that's hot.

We hung out at Holly's house for a little while but then it was time to begin the adult time but we had the BEST time on the way back to her car. We were both dancing like madwomen in the car with the radio blaring great songs like "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", "You Shook Me All Night Long" and "Like a Virgin". And this was in 5:00 traffic. At one point she had on the Birthday Girl crown and I had on my witches hat while wildly waving our arms. I'd like to think we gave some tired, stressed out people something to laugh at on their long commute home. Or maybe those people we're pissed we were having such a good time. Either way I don't care cause it was a butt load of fun!

We then went to Surin for dinner and drinks at Blue Monkey afterwards. YUMMY! The piano player sang Happy Birthday to her which was cool. Bitch#2 and I both got really drunk and it hit us at the same time so we had to go outside and get some fresh air. Outside I ran into a guy that Bitch#1 used to talk to. He hugged me and then proceeded to get very handsy. He asked about Bitch#1 and I told him that she was in love and would probably marry this guy. And I also told him in my drunken state that the one time they had sex was only because she was still trying to convince herself that she didn't like Awesome Guy, not sure how he felt about that. But in all fairness he never called her after they hooked up so it's not like he can be upset. Anyway he got my phone number and said we should hang out sometime which is weird I think. I'm anxious to see what Bitch #1 has to say about me running into him, I have a feeling she'll just laugh. And I'm sure I'll never hear from him which is fine cause I'd have to have her permission to hang out with him and I'm not sure she'd give that too freely....

Anyway, looking forward to a fun weekend. Just hanging out at home tonight. I think I have to help my Mom move some furniture in the morning, won't that be FUN! And then tomorrow night I'm going to a Halloween party with Bitch #1, Awesome Guy, and Holly. That should be fun. I won't know anyone there which is a little scary but it should be fun to meet some new people. New boys ;) Fresh meat! haha


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